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Colorful Conversations

Today, more than 3 million publishers trust Disqus to power their site's commenting and community building.

Visitors to these sites use Disqus to comment on and favorite stories. It keeps readers coming back and spending more time on site.

This has made us the most widely used discussion service on the web.

Disqus is the only discussion platform that offers revenue sharing through our advertising products. This has enabled us to grow into one of the largest networks of engaged audiences in the world.

Just how big of a network?



A Web of Possibilities

Each month, our network receives

These communities are made up of highly engaged people who generate more than

7,000hours of conversation daily.

That's 10 months or nearly 1 year of conversations in a single day, adding a lot of color to content.

Covering everything from movies and sports to travel and gaming.

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One Colorful Audience

We've learned a lot about the people who use Disqus.

  • 80%

    Posted a comment last month
  • 100+

    More social media followers
  • Hyper engaged


    More active on Twitter
  • 40%

    Eager to learn more about interests
  • 8+

    Hours spent online daily
  • 53%

    posted a photo in the last month
  • 70%

    Watched a video online last month
  • 30%

    Review products and services

Learn more about our audience

By definition, the people who use Disqus are in the conversation, consuming content, watching video and constantly looking for more things worth talking about.

They are shaping opinions and influencing others. They talk about thousands of topics, including brands, products and services.

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Native Advertising, At Scale.

Native advertising at scale on Disqus enables brands to reach our audience of super consumers.